I gave my friend David Smith a virtual high-five today. He made this walnut beauty a decade ago for a customer in Illinois, who loved the board and used it daily. If I’m not mistaken, she also used serrated knives on it pretty frequently, and this butcher block had some real wear and tear. She mailed it back to me and, for a small fee, I put it through rehab. A little sanding, a little oiling and waxing, some new feet… and voila! A brand new butcher block.

It seems like we live in a throw-away world these days, and I love the fact that the products we make at the BoardSMITH can be brought back to life over and over again. Here’s to the next decade of chopping!

**P.S. please don’t use serrated knives on butcher block. Pretty please. Butcher block is super durable, but serrated knives will abuse almost any cutting board.