Our Story

John Loftis and David Smith working together in Dallas, TX

David Smith founded the BoardSMITH in 2005. A lifelong craftsman, he built his first butcher block in 1993 and refined the design and techniques over the years. As a result, the BoardSMITH has earned a reputation for creating one of the finest butcher blocks in the world.

John Loftis joined the BoardSMITH in 2015. Having crafted thousands of cutting boards, he was a great fit to carry on the tradition of excellence of the brand. David and John have a collaborative approach in an effort to bring customers the highest possible quality butcher’s block.

A true ‘Mom and Pop’ operation, John is married to the Shipping Department/Accounting Department/CFO/ Boss. John is allowed to maintain delusions of grandeur so long as those delusions are constrained to his 1,500 square foot shop in Dallas. When he’s not covered in sawdust, he spends most of his time chasing 3 ankle biters around.