I received an email last night from a customer asking me about another cutting board maker’s website. He pointed out that this company literally copied and pasted almost all of our website content onto their website and has been using it as ‘their own’ for some time. This has happened to us several times over the years from different websites, and I guess we should be flattered that folks are… borrowing… our stuff.

As I pondered it this morning, I realized the one thing they can’t borrow (or fake) is the quality of our butcher block. So the main thing I need to do is keep making a superior product and then try to demonstrate visually what we’re doing. In that spirit, I snapped 2 cell phone pictures of every board we’re shipping out this morning. These aren’t cherry-picked photos. The quality of these boards is very typical for what we do. This is just another batch of boards we’re shipping out today. But I hope, as you review these photos, you see the love and care that goes into what we do.

We buff each of our boards with board butter prior to shipping them out, which adds a beautiful luster to the butcher block. Unfortunately, it also creates a glare that doesn’t photograph well. So none of these boards has been buffed yet. As a result, the sheen is generally more ‘dull’ than they will be when you receive them. Feel free to click on the thumbnails for close ups.