Charity Boards

I believe that giving back is important, and will try to always have an item or two where 100% of the proceeds go towards a charity or non-profit that I care about (or someone I care about cares about). To be crystal clear on what 100% means: if the item costs $200, and you buy it, I will write a check for $200 to the given charity. I will ‘pay’ for all associated materials cost, labor, and overhead.

In general, I will charge a slightly higher price for items in this category, meaning we all get to contribute more to charity. Yay us!

We are still very much a mom and pop business, and our revenue is such that this is a real stretch financially for us. But it’s the right thing to do, and if we have the discipline to give when we’re smaller, it should get increasingly easy to give more as we grow!

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