Why The BoardSMITH?


For the last decade, the BoardSMITH has been one of the most admired makers of butcher block in the world. Our reputation has been hard-built, beginning with an uncompromising approach to craftsmanship. In butcher’s block, you really do ‘get what you pay for,’ and we’d like to spend a few minutes explaining what makes our butcher’s block exceptional.

1) It all starts with the wood. We spend a jaw-dropping amount of money on top quality hardwoods. To make a beautiful, lasting butcher’s block, we use only the highest grade (FAS) hardwoods, sourced from sawmills who use sustainable forestry practices (FSC). We only use the three best species for butcher block: Hard Maple, Black Cherry, and Black Walnut. The quality of the hardwoods we use costs us twice as much as the cheaper stuff costs the other guys, but the results speak for themselves.

2) Uncompromising craftsmanship: Crafting butcher block is an exercise in precision. Tools must be dialed in carefully and techniques must be honed over decades to ensure that the butcher’s block is built to last. Unlike the big, nameless factories that churn out thousands of ‘units’ per day, we are a small shop and make each butcher block by hand, paying careful attention to details like wood grain direction and seamless joinery. We have also invested in high-end industrial tools such as Felder and Festool to help give you the best quality product. Being small also means that we can easily customize, catering to your specifications and desires. Want something unique? Just ask us!

3) The little things that make a big difference: We only use Titebond III glue, which is EPA approved as food safe and waterproof. We hand chamfer each butcher’s block and hand craft matching wood ‘escutcheons’ that our silicone feet nest into. We dip each board into pharmacy grade, food safe mineral oil to give it water resistance and we hand buff each board with beeswax to give it luster and additional protection. We use a unique ‘Carolina slab’ pattern of wide sections of hardwood to minimize the number of glue joints and to stagger the glue lines. We don’t skip the details, because they really help make our products exceptional pieces of functional art.

In short, a BoardSMITH board is built to be beautiful, and built to last. If your kids are arguing over who gets to keep it when you’re gone, then we’ve done our job.

GQ Magazine tested a number of butcher blocks and rated the BoardSMITH the best luxury butcher block:

We were also fortunate to be featured in the Los Angeles Times below (click the icon):